African University Presses

African University Presses

African Minds conducts research on developments and trends in scholarly publishing in Africa in particular and in the making data, information and knowledge more transparent and accessible in general. One such project is the African University Presses project supported by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The African University Presses (AUP) project aims to produce new insights on African university presses in the light of current technological advances and market opportunities. AUP’s goals include enhancing access to basic knowledge, and increasing awareness and use of high-quality African academic publishing, as well as increasing awareness and promoting open access publishing and other viable models among African university presses.

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As part of this project, we have mapped university presses in Africa on an interactive map that is continuously being updated. Users can either view the map by applying any of a number of filters, or download the full dataset. Institutional repositories are only listed if they are at a university that also has an academic press.

Corrections and feedback can be submitted by following the link under the information box on the map.