Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines

Please send African Minds your proposal via email (not hardcopy).

Your proposal must include the following information for your submission to be considered for publication:

Provisional book title

Author information

  • Name
  • Address, telephone number and email
  • Current position
  • Please attach a short author biogography


  • What will the book be about and how is it original?
  • What will its main argument be?
  • Why is this book necessary?
  • Is the area of study related to Africa?


  • A 200-word summary of the book that might be used for marketing and back cover purposes
  • Provisional table of contents
  • Short descriptions of the contents of chapters
  • Provisional number of words you expect the final manuscript to be (including bibliography and footnotes/endnotes)
  • Figures, tables and illustrations
  • Provisional manuscript submission date
  • Details of any deadlines we should be aware of, e.g. an impending conference, meeting or book launch

Readers and marketing

As the author/editor, you have valuable insight into the readership and markets for your book. Please provide as much detail as possible about the prospective markets for your book.

  • For whom is the book intended and what level is it aimed at (undergraduates/postgraduates/academics & researchers/activists & policy-makers, general readers)? Please be as specific as possible, outlining the primary and secondary readerships and, where relevant, giving examples of courses/disciplines/research for which the book might be particularly suited.
  • Will the book be a main text, supplementary reading, or a research monograph (please choose one)?
  • Why will they buy this book?
  • What existing books compete with (or complement) this one and how will this book differ from the competition?
  • How you can help promote and market the book?

Additional information

  • Has any or all of the work been published before, such as in a journal, report, conference proceedings or online? If so, please give details.
  • Have you submitted the book to any other publishers?
  • In what form will you be able to supply the final manuscript?
  • Who is the copyright holder of the material?
  • Is there any financial support for the publication?
  • Please suggest two possible referees.

Please note that due to the number of unsolicited proposals we receive, we are not able to acknowledge receipt of every one individually. If your proposal is of interest we will be in touch with you to express interest and give feedback before the proposal goes out for external review. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, please assume that your proposal has not been successful on this occasion.

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