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Centering on African Practice in Musical Arts Education

Published Date: 12/03/2012

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This collection brings together many African voices expressing their ideas and conceptions of musical practice and arts education in Africa. With essays from established scholars in the field as well as young researchers and educators, and topics ranging from philosophical arguments and ethno-musicology to practical class-room ideas, this book will stimulate academic discourse. At the same time, practical ideas and information will assist teachers and students in Africa and elsewhere, bringing fresh musical perspectives on instrument playing, singing, children’s literature and play.

Minette Mans, previously Associate Professor of Music and Dance at the University of Namibia, currently freelances as researcher and writer. Her fields of interest include the theory and practice of African musical arts, focusing on Namibia. Since completing her doctoral studies at the University of Natal, she has spent years combining field research with reflective literature studies. She sits on many editorial boards and has published widely, including three books, chapters in books and articles in journals such as International Journal of Music Education, Arts Education Policy Review, International Journal of Education and the Arts and Journal of Music Arts in Africa. She was previously member of ISME board of directors, chair of ISME’s Music in Schools and Teacher Education Commission, and vice-president of PASMAE.


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