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Emerging Solutions for Musical Arts Education in Africa

Published Date: 12/03/2012

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Emerging Solutions for Musical arts Education in South Africa offers peer-reviewed articles prepared for the 2003 Conference of the Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education in Africa held in Kisumu, Maseno, Kenya.

Not only does this publication voice the solutions offered by 31 authors from the African continent and beyond, but it presents in a unique and highly accessible fashion the collective voice of the conference participants.

True to the spirit of ubuntu – an individual is only a person through other people (their communities) – this publication is a reflection of the essence of an overarching sub-Saharan philosophy; the contents represents a conference where papers were not presented, but where conference participants engaged to discuss solutions for the musical arts on the African continent.

While the individual voice has been given its rightful place, the collective voice represents an emergent song composed by the scholarly community in oral fashion.

This publication provides insight into the problems of musical arts education in Africa; and solutions for musical arts education. .


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