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Perspectives on Student Affairs

Published Date: 20/06/2014

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The goal of Perspectives on Student Affairs in South Africa is to generate interest in student affairs in South Africa. The papers contained herein are based on best practice, local experience and well-researched international and local theories.

The papers in this book deal with matters pertaining to international and national trends in student affairs: academic development, access and retention, counselling, and material support for students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. They are linked to national and international developments, as described in the first two papers.

This publication will assist both young and experienced practitioners as they grow into their task of developing the students entrusted to them.

All contributors are South Africans with a great deal of experience in student affairs, and all are committed to the advancement of student affairs in South Africa. The editors are former heads of student affairs portfolios at two leading South African universities.



Foreword v

Preface ix

Biographical notes  xiii

Introduction 1


PART 1: An Overview of Issues and Challenges

Key challenges facing student affairs: An international perspective 9

Birgit Schreiber

An overview of critical issues in the student affairs profession: A South African perspective 27

Llewellyn MacMaster


PART 2: Access, Support and Success

Academic student affairs: Bridging the gap for student development and success 41

Martin Mandew

Student success as the number one affair in student affairs: A structural inequality outlook 59

Matete Madiba

Back to basics: Selected views on factors that prevent access in higher education 77

Lullu Tshiwula and Ncedikaya Magopeni



PART 3: Holistic Support

The ethical challenges of a student counselling professional: When does discretion become permissible? 95

Hanlé Kirkcaldy

The place of social work as a support service for tertiary students 107

Zethu Mkhize

Towards an asset-based model: A critical reflection on student material support with special reference to clienthood/citizenship tension 121

McGlory Speckman



Bibliography 145


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