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The Transformation of Musical Arts Education Local and global perspectives from South Africa

Published Date: 12/03/2012

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240 mm x 151 mm


Musical arts education in South Africa has entered an exciting and dynamic new phase. As we move further away from the legacy of apartheid, new dimensions of culture and identity are developing. The quest for, and recognition of, identity have continually evolved over time, and cultural diversity and pluralism are currently buzzwords in the scholarly world. In South Africa we are searching for answers to the following questions:

1. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going to?

2. What impact do global and local, regional or national trends have on musical arts practices?

3. What are the cultural experiences that influence people from various walks of life and ethnic groups?

4. What is the influence of globalisation on culture and, conversely, the impact of culture on globalisation?

This multi-authored book scrutinises local musical arts.Voices from young people living in South Africa are placed alongside those of experienced scholars to display the rainbow quality of a pluralist society. Apart from the book’s focus on identity issues, it also offers solutions for addressing complex issues of indigenous arts education within global contexts.


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