Cooperation and Accountability in the Cross-border Policing of Southern Africa

In recent years, joint policing operations between countries and the development of regional organisations such as the SA Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisation (SARPCCO) have resulted in increasing regionalisation and transnationalisation of policing. Just as the increasing privatisation of security has highlighted new challenges for issues of accountability, so too has the regionalisation and transnationalisation of policing taken the debate on police accountability into different spheres, and introduced new questions on who needs to hold whom accountable and by what means. The papers presented in this publication address these emerging issues as well as cross-border policing in general.

The utility of a better understanding of the challenges and issues for policing in new regional and transnational settings are similar to those of policing anywhere. It has value in the broader issues of governance accountability and in the more practical issues of police effectiveness and efficiency.

The Transformation of Musical Arts Education Local and global perspectives from South Africa

This multi-authored book scrutinises local musical arts.Voices from young people living in South Africa are placed alongside those of experienced scholars to display the rainbow quality of a pluralist society. Apart from the book’s focus on identity issues, it also offers solutions for addressing complex issues of indigenous arts education within global contexts.

Emerging Solutions for Musical Arts Education in Africa

Emerging Solutions for Musical arts Education in South Africa offers peer-reviewed articles prepared for the 2003 Conference of the Pan African Society for Musical Arts Education in Africa held in Kisumu, Maseno, Kenya.

Not only does this publication voice the solutions offered by 31 authors from the African continent and beyond, but it presents in a unique and highly accessible fashion the collective voice of the conference participants.

Centering on African Practice in Musical Arts Education

This collection brings together many African voices expressing their ideas and conceptions of musical practice and arts education in Africa. With essays from established scholars in the field as well as young researchers and educators, and topics ranging from philosophical arguments and ethno-musicology to practical class-room ideas, this book will stimulate academic discourse. At the same time, practical ideas and information will assist teachers and students in Africa and elsewhere, bringing fresh musical perspectives on instrument playing, singing, children’s literature and play.