State of Open Data

After ten years, are individuals, organizations, and governments able to access and use open data more easily? Are stakeholders really starting to work on new open data initiatives based on evidence and research, or are they still caught in the hype cycle? Are activists chasing unachievable dreams or seeking to solve real problems that will affect the lives of everyday people around the world?

We need to start making informed decisions, both individually and as a movement. Moreover, we need to learn from our past to be able to move forward in a much more strategic way. Looking back at the last decade gives us an opportunity to identify where we can improve and where we can work more effectively together in the future. Completing this work now, when challenges to sustainability are seemingly all around us, is the focus of this book. The State of Open Data seeks to review the development of the open data movement over the past 10 years. It presents a straightforward assessment of successes or failures of the past in order to shape the future of open data around the world.