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Student Politics in Africa: Representation and Activism

Published Date: 03/03/2016

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The second volume of the African Higher Education Dynamics Series brings together the research of an international network of higher education scholars with interest in higher education and student politics in Africa. Most authors are early career academics who teach and conduct research in universities across the continent and came together for a research project, and related workshops and a symposium on student representation in African higher education governance.

The book includes theoretical chapters on student organising, student activism and representation; chapters on historical and current developments in student politics in Anglophone and Francophone Africa, and in-depth case studies on student representation and activism in a cross-section of universities and countries.

The book provides a unique resource for academics, university leaders and student affairs professionals as well as student leaders and policy-makers in Africa and elsewhere.




Acronyms and abbreviations v

Acknowledgements x

Foreword xi


Chapter 1

Introduction 1

Thierry M Luescher, Manja Klemenčič and James Otieno Jowi


Chapter 2

Student organising in African higher education: Polity, politics and policies 9

Manja Klemenčič, Thierry M Luescher and Taabo Mugume


Chapter 3

Student representation in a context of democratisation and massification in Africa: Analytical approaches, theoretical perspectives and #RhodesMustFall 27

Thierry M Luescher


Chapter 4

The evolving nature of student participation in university governance in Africa: An overview of policies, trends and emerging issues 61

Ibrahim Oanda


Chapter 5

The three ages of student politics in Francophone Africa: Learning from the cases of Senegal and Burkina Faso 85

Pascal Bianchini


Chapter 6

Revisiting student participation in higher education governance at the University of Buea, Cameroon: 2004–2013 109

Samuel N Fongwa and Godlove N Chifon


Chapter 7

Student participation in the governance of Ethiopian higher education institutions: The case of Addis Ababa University 130

Bekele Workie Ayele


Chapter 8

Private higher education and student representation in Uganda: A comparative analysis of Makerere University and Uganda Christian University 162

Taabo Mugume and Mesharch W Katusiimeh


Chapter 9

Student actions against paradoxical post-apartheid higher education policy in South Africa: The case of the University of the Western Cape 182

Mlungisi BG Cele, Thierry M Luescher and Teresa Barnes 


Chapter 10

The University of Burundi and student organisations: Governance system, political development and student representation 202

Gérard Birantamije


Chapter 11

Politicisation of the National Union of Ghana Students and its effects on student representation 224

Ransford EV Gyampo, Emmanuel Debrah and Evans Aggrey-Darkoh


Chapter 12

Conclusion 249

James Otieno Jowi



Students, politics and universities: In search of interpretive schemes for the 21st century 249

Lis Lange


About the authors 252

Index 257


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