In keeping with African Minds’s focus on the broadest possible dissemination of its list rather than on sales or profitability, African Minds is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO no. 116-161) registered in South Africa. Its legal status is that of a trust (Trust no. IT2864/2012). Trustees were elected based on their abiding belief in the values of the organisation, particularly open access to knowledge about and from the African continent. While all trustees are currently based on South Africa, they bring a wealth of experience related to both publishing and research in Africa and internationally.


Prof. P. Langa (Mozambican)

Patrício Langa is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Western Cape and adviser to Eduardo Mondlane University (Mozambique) Rector on strategic planning. He is an experienced researcher, founder and director of the Centre for Higher Education Studies and Development (CESD) in Maputo, executive director of the HE Quality Council of Mozambique (CNAQ), and the current president of the Mozambican Sociological Association (AMS). Patrício has a BA(Hons) from Eduardo Mondlane University and a PhD in Sociology and Education from the University of Cape Town. Recent publications include Higher Education in the Portuguese Speaking African Countries, Cinquenta anos de Lesgislação e Políticas Públicas do Ensino Superior em Moçambique, and One and two equals three? The third mission of higher education institutions. Prof. Langa is the chairperson of the African Minds Trust Board.

Dr T. Luescher (Swiss)

Thierry Luescher has over ten years of experience as research project manager and researcher in the field of higher education studies and institutional research. Thierry has a PhD in Political Studies from the University of Cape Town, and was a Post-Doc in Higher Education Studies at the University of the Western Cape, where he became a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education Studies and extraordinary Senior Lecturer in Political Studies. He was Assistant Director for Institutional Research at the University of the Free State before joining the Human Sciences Research Council where currently holds the post of research director in the Education and Skills Development Programme. Recent publications include Student Politics in Africa: Representation and ActivismTowards an intellectual engagement with the #studentmovements in South Africa and #FeesMustFall: An Internet-age Student Movement in South Africa and the Case of the University of the Free State. Dr Luescher is a publishing projects manager and researcher at African Minds.

Dr F. van Schalkwyk (South African)

François van Schalkwyk is an experienced researcher and consultant in the fields of higher education studies, open data and scholarly communication. He has a BA(Hons) from the University of Cape Town, an MPhil in Publishing Studies from Stirling University (UK), and an MEd from the University of the Western Cape. François obtained his doctoral degree from Stellenbosch University in the field of science and technology studies. He is the Co-Chair of the Open Data Research Symposium and co-editor of the African Higher Education Dynamics series. He has published on higher education and open data. Recent publications include Viscous open data: The roles of intermediaries in an open data ecosystem, Open Data Intermediaries in Developing Countries and University Engagement as Interconnectedness: Indicators and insights. François is the editor and publishing manager at African Minds.

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